Through meditation we can connect with our natural state of Oneness[1] and Unity. It is a natural state, it is not something we do or something we strive for, but rather a space we find our way back to. Only when the mind is quiet can we feel our own nature and establish a connection with our essence. Meditation is the path to experiencing Oneness, giving us access to the spiritual body, our eternal self and pure consciousness.

I am sharing the art of alignment with you so that we can better serve Life, so that life’s purpose can be realized through us clearly and with awareness. Ego is associated with desire and Life with purpose. Desire leads us through life so that our purpose can be realized and that can get confusing and difficult to keep straight.

It is natural to have desires. The issue is not having desires, but rather becoming victim to and becoming ensnared in the trap. Desires drive us to accomplishment and that is important in the physical, temporal realm. The first way of identifying when something is merely personal desire or ego[2] at work, is that those things desired are not that important. I call them small vices, because in the end all vices are small and not that important. The thing that we desire is most often not worth it, although we seem to be prepared to do anything in order to achieve it.

It is easy to distinguish between the desires of the ego and those of the soul. Those of the ego arise from personal need, from a sense of something lacking, something missing, from wanting to feed a person’s hunger. Those of the soul arise for the common good, they are altruistic, and come from an impulse to share in the abundance and the many ways that we can create a better world.

When a person has desires, they feel that there is something missing, like they are not complete. This makes that person go looking for satisfaction someplace in the future. The process has no end because while we wait for the future to provide we miss out on the present, which is right here and now. Here, is the only place we find what we are looking for. Desires are distractions that actually hide true happiness, shroud self-realization and cloud heightened awareness.

The attitude of expecting something more, even if it is just a little more, is more time wasted from being in the present. While we wait for something to materialize there are other things happening, usually in the present. With some desires we wish for something, something ends up coming, but it is not what we were expecting, which leads to still more disappointment and disillusionment. That is what makes it all an adventure: our creative genius and the creative process brings us the unexpected and the unknown.

We want to win the lottery, although we are not completely sure why, we want a promotion at work so that we have more responsibilities and less time for ourselves, we want to be more important, we want the perfect partner. We hunger for so many material things, for more status, for more information, for knowledge, and yet we have it all inside each and every one of us. Even if one has come with a life purpose of experiencing the excess of material possession, it is important to know that life is really beyond and much more than the phenomenal world.

If we use the analogy of hunger, a person’s life can be driven by the desire to eat; however, no matter how much a person eats, in very little time hunger returns. Along the same lines, you can go to a party where there is an abundance of food with large tables covered in succulent preparations and you eat and drink until it hurts. It is still only temporary. In fact the more you stretch your stomach to accommodate vast quantities of food, the greater the hunger that comes later on, because all we do is create a bigger hole to fill.

We live in a world of abundance. The real secret is that life always gives us what we need. That knowledge alone puts us in a place of abundance. We can choose to be in tune with what life provides. It is fascinating to see how our needs are taken care of right in the moment they arise. No planning is really necessary. It is the pure creative force of life carrying out its purpose effortlessly. We have to ask ourselves why we try to solve problems with the rational mind? Why do we try to manipulate reality? Life transcends our impact or influence on reality in immeasurable ways.

Once one stops trying to manipulate the situations that present themselves, one opens up to the immense potential that life offers. Then one can be more present and live with vitality and experience the richness of life. We still have the responsibility of seeking things of high virtue and that we in fact need. There needs to be reason and balance in our desires.

If a person is living a life as a nightmare, then an extreme event can become the vehicle of liberation. An extreme incident will bring with it the opportunity of escape from whatever is sustaining the suffering. The event, whether it be a major inconvenience or a traumatic episode, is an opportunity for awakening.

Changing the way we perceive events that happen in our lives is key on the path of awakening. It is important to look at the situation and to see -the object- which is generating happiness or suffering and -the subject- the observer, as the same thing. Once the object and subject are perceived as one in the same, that it is part of you and you are part of it, then you come to realize that it is all a creation of the self and of the ego. When the ego falls away, the scenario, the drama or the comedy stops; it all disappears. Once the subject (the observer) disappears, the object (the issue) cannot exist, and we are left with an empty space where we can experience peace.

[1] Oneness is non-duality, non-separation; it is not masculine or feminine.

[2] The desires of the ego are aimed at short-term personal satisfaction.

 Joseph has experience in these meditations: Tibetan Buddhism, Vipassana, Hindu and Kashmir Tantrism.

Photo by Marcus Dupuis. Wave at Canary Islands. 2014

Support your meditation
on the experience of awakening

Who or what you are? …  Space
Space where things happen!
Everything happens at the space
Hear a sound. When it starts, when it finishes
Just like the sound, everything start and finish: a thought, an emotion, a pain, any situation.
So, instead to focus in what is happening, focus in the space where it is happening.
…you are everything happening at that space…
Let it be, and observe how it appears and disappears.

I believe that most of us enjoy making love.
When you make love with someone, then you become one with the other.
But also, when you touch something, you make love with it.
…you become one with the things you touch.
When you become one with something, you become one with Everything.
You are One, then it is not “you” anymore, only space, vacuum.
Now, at the meditation beginning, remember one experience when you became one with complete life, could be at sunrise, or looking to the full moon, or at nature contemplation , or making love, or holding or looking a little baby…
Then, revives this experience in your body… Completely, falling into this feeling…
Start making love with the space around you, feel that your skin is melting on the space, becoming ONE

 In his meditation commitment, Joseph has experimented with these paths: Tibetan Buddhism, Vipassana, Hindu and Kashmir Tantrism.