The One on One Consultation 

Is a personal investigation into the symptom or condition you are dealing with. The consultation permits us to accompany you to the reason for your symptom that we call the “Seed Event”. Once the root cause is found, the process of integration can be undertaken. Recognizing why a condition exists is a crucial part of the process. This is understanding the purpose of the condition. This is not the traditional cause and effect approach to a condition, an injury or a disease; this is a process of finding the root and the reason the condition has shown up. We will guide you to finding the pieces of the puzzle of what is happening in your body. I will help you put a few of those pieces together and give you the tools for putting the rest of the picture together by yourself. These ideas and techniques will be applicable and useful for understanding all situations in your life. You will learn a system of navigation for your life’s journey. You will begin the process of integrating a life changing paradigm, a paradigm of understanding your role as a conscious participant in the creation of your life. This is a path of self-empowerment.

Process of accompaniment

If we compare the adventure of the soul to a trip, where we come to a step or turn that we perceive as difficult to navigate, it is usually because we don’t have the information necessary to make the decision required to move forward.  That kind of call will usually be pointing toward some kind of growth or personal transformation. This is the gift we are looking for. The soul is pushing you to grow in a specific area of your life, it is pointing at something that needs to be brought up to date.

Sometimes the adventurer needs to be accompanied by a guide that knows the territory. Although the guide knows the layout of the land, it is the adventurer who needs to complete the journey. Once that step in the journey is completed the guide is no longer needed.

The person who undertakes the journey will be a changed person at the end of that journey. When you return, it is with new knowledge, new realizations and new learning; something will be different. At the end of the day, dealing with the call will be something that greatly benefits you and it will be something you can share with your loved ones and with your community at large.

The process of accompaniment in The Art of Listening to Life is done through a series of sessions, which combine a series of techniques (NLP, Visualizations, Yoga of Emotions, Deep Breathing) for becoming more aware,  along with experiences of realization. These are based on working towards making sense of ones life’s purpose, clarifying the personal vision and mission. Working with intuition, impulses, understanding feelings and emotions and then on to connecting with one’s personal abilities and talents.

Final Note. This is a consultation of self-empowerment, which will go on to serve you through time. In this process we have shown how to pay closer attention to the body, breathing, thoughts, behaviors, patterns and the spiritual origin of emotions. It is never recommended to stop nor change any medical treatment or any physiotherapy, psychiatric or psychological treatment during our sessions.

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