In order to experience the feeling of being aligned, let’s have a detailed look at how our physical body is affected by all the dimensions that we are comprised of. Our marvelous human body consists of several bodies or fields. We could look at the group of bodies like Russian nesting dolls or ‘babushka’ dolls, where the physical body is the innermost or center doll and all the others are layered towards the outside.

Aligning the Different Bodies

1º) The Physical Body. This is the physical representation of the self and the body that we identify with the most, due to our limitations of perception and vision. It is the «I», the «Me». It is the material world and this body is represented by Action.

2º) The Energetic Body. It is invisible to most people. It wraps around the physical body in a layer of up to a meter thick and can sometimes be referred to as the “aura”, although it is much more than that. The energy weaves through centers that we refer to as «Chakras» in a complex interaction and flow. The spoken word, amongst other actions, is communication that penetrates the energy field of other people. In all its forms this body is represented by Expression.

3º) The Emotional Body. We can’t see our emotions either, however we can feel them, sometimes with great intensity. They can generate a physical reaction like a shrug, a shiver or even pain, along with feelings of emptiness and bewilderment. This is a vast body with many mysteries and is represented by Feeling.

4º) The Mental Body. We identify this one as the aggregate of our thoughts and beliefs. Our ideas about the world and about ourselves are in great part the result of what we have experienced and of what we have learned. It is what we consciously or unconsciously absorb from our family environment. The things that happen in our life scenario, which we perceive as our reality, mean nothing until the mental body assigns definition to it all. This body is represented by Thought.

5º) The Spiritual Body or Soul. Although there are more bodies or dimensions to us, we will pause on the fifth, which is the body of purpose and the one which gives meaning to the previous bodies. The human body is driven by the individual expression of the spirit, by the drop of consciousness that has come to animate this body. It is connected directly to the physical body through the heart and it is represented by the Soul.

Good health is linked to the alignment and balance between all these bodies. In order to achieve and experience good health we must align the other bodies with the spirit or soul. The soul is paramount and our most important dimension. It is also the most difficult to read or comprehend, as the language of communication is coded in signs, symbols and metaphors which we are here to decipher and understand.

What is Feeling Aligned?

In simple terms, the first four bodies can usually be maintained in alignment by keeping thought, feeling and action all going in the same direction