The Art of Listening to Life Workshop
BC, April  2020

We are spiritual beings participating in a human adventure, although most of the time we perceive ourselves as nothing more than a physical body. It can also seem like life is a constant struggle. Sometimes we feel abandoned and all alone. We may even reach a point of not wanting to carry on, however, we are here to live this physical experience and it has a lot to teach us.
Welcome to The Art of Listening to Life workshop, presented by best-selling author, Joseph Soler. We all have the amazing ability to do so and this workshop will help you activate your capacity. It is about awakening the conscious and creative artist within, creating your own reality, including your body. You will learn how to interpret life’s happenings, occurrences and events and develop a way of purposefully aligning yourself to experience a healthy body and a sense of peace in your life. Life is continually communicating with us through our body. The messages come to us through unexpected events, inconveniences and challenges. We call the initial messages gentle callings. If these are ignored or not heard, life ramps them up into intense callings, through injury, painful conditions, disease and events that have a greater impact on our life.

What we view as a difficulty, a complicated situation, an inconvenience, an injury and even illness, are communication channels that life uses to signal something that needs attention in our life. Their purpose is to make us aware of certain aspects of our life. The language that life uses to communicate with us is clear, once we learn to listen.

In the Course we look at:

Our Body is a Map, which we must learn how to read. Every part has metaphorical meaning and can be used to understand what is going on.

Your Inner Reality is projected into your external world. We must take back our power as creators of both. We are the creative artists of our lives.

Life Comes Calling and it has two kinds of messages. The gentle calls are through annoyances, inconveniences and discomfort. Intense calls come through physical pain, accidents and disease.

Reawakening the ability to hear the inner voice, through noticing intuition, signs, signals, heart impulses, coincidences and synchronicity.

Learning to understand what the body is telling us. Interpreting the language of the Soul. Those messages cannot come to us in written language.

We will identify the purpose of an illness in the body.

Cracking the Soul code and understanding the purpose of the message.


At Adventure of the Soul, we have three main practices or techniques for identifying and working with a symptom or challenge and you will be introduced to these methods during the workshop:

#1 – Sculpting the Symptom : a process of visualizing the symptom in a three dimensional form; giving it a visual shape and a voice, and getting a complete sense of it.

#2 – The Seed Event:  a technique for finding the moment in your life where the original seed was planted, the root cause or the original event.

#3 – Journey to the Inner Temple:  an inner journey where the information found in the first two practices get integrated and resolved.

This is a very practical course where you will learn specific techniques for freeing and healing your physical and spiritual self. This is a course of self-empowerment, which will serve you through time.