Testimonials and Acknowledgements

Feedback from attending the Art of Listening to Life workshop, Kelowna, BC. 2016

I was invited to a book launch in October and decided to go. The night of the event, I thought,” I’d rather stay home”, but I got up and went anyway. I really liked what I heard regarding Joseph’s book, “Art of Listening to Life” and decided I would go to the workshop.

After the book launch and before the workshop, I went to have blood work done, x-rays taken, and my heart monitored, because I was scheduled for knee replacement surgery in two weeks’ time. As I finished up the tests, a nurse put a plastic hospital bracelet on my wrist and told me not to get it wet before returning for surgery. That meant I could not swim to strengthen my knee– the left one. This really disturbed me, as I enjoyed the pool and worked out at least three times a week.

The Saturday of the workshop arrived and early in the morning I called a friend to say I wouldn’t be going because I had decided I couldn’t afford it. In the same breath, I knew I could not afford not to attend, it for my knee’s sake. I changed my mind and got ready to go. Still uncertain about my decision as I drove to the venue, I bargained with God saying “God, if all the lights are green, I will go.” And they were. Next I told myself “I if I find the place easy enough,” I will go. And I did. As I walked in, I was grateful to see that they had not started yet. I sat at the end of a line of chairs placed in a semi-circle and we began.

Josep called on me first, asking me to state my name, birth date and why I was here. I stated I was there for him to fix my knee as I was scheduled for a surgery I was not certain I wanted. He said it would fix it itself and, as for the surgery, he suggested perhaps the surgeon wouldn’t show up. He said it would not happen if it was not meant to be.

The next client said she was there for her knee which, had been replaced two years ago and was still very painful and sore. Then, the woman beside her said she was there for her knee as well. All three of us sitting side-by-side. Interesting…

Josep talked about how our bodies were meant to heal themselves and I totally believed that. That night, at about 2 am, I had extreme pain in my left ankle, enough that it woke me up. I was not surprised for some reason, and I knew the pain would go away. Josep had talked about how the pain he had in his shoulder moved to his lower arm, and then left his body.

The next morning, I was excited to go back to the workshop. As we sat down, the lady next to me said she experienced an intense pain at 2 in the morning, just as I had. By the end of the workshop on day two, I decided to postpone/or perhaps cancel my surgery.

The next day I talked to my son and told him about the weekend. While we were talking, the hospital bracelet the nurse had fastened to my wrist the week before let go and fell into my lap. This was strange – anyone who has tried to remove one knows they don’t just fall off.

As I was relaying these strange occurences to my friend Tommi, who had organized the workshop, my home phone rang. The caller ID said it was the doctor’s office. I had just said to Tommi that I needed to make the call if I was going to postpone. I answered the call and the receptionist said they had received the x-rays of my knee from the hospital and wanted to know if I was moving forward with the surgery. I said I needed to think about it more, as she commented that the x-ray results reported MODERATE arthritis. I had been under the impression that the arthritis was severe.

With all this in mind, I went back and had a one-on-one session with Josep. A couple ‘gifts’ I received included him suggesting that I may want to pick up some glucosamine, which I had done the day before. Also, he said the struggle I was having at work would not be there any more. Two days later, the person I was struggling with at work put in her resignation in.

Coincidences? I don’t think so. It was the universe telling me that when I learn to bend, my knee will heal itself. I still am a work in progress, but the pain in my knee is nothing compared to what it was.

I look forward to the next workshop.

Thank you Josep and Marcus.

Colleen Ryan