What is your gift?

Realizing what is the purpose of our life has extraordinary value. The first clue to explore it is to realize what it is that we genuinely enjoy; what is it that makes you vibrate in tune with your purpose. This vibration spreads into your surroundings, touching the people around you. You derive enjoyment from this and people enjoy it with you.

A wonderful aspect of the “Adventure of the Soul” is that it is going to focus us on our talents and individual skills. Our special way of vibrating is what we call the expression of our “gifts” or talents. Life is creating through you, you are the instrument. Life is the wind, you are the flute and the music is Life´s creation through you. To realize how this creative process works on you is one of the “presents” of your trip. You can notice it every instant through the impulse that moves you. Feel yourself and realize how life creates through you, carrying out your impulses so you can follow your intuition.

Life calls us in a whisper, if we are able to hear our bodies, to open our hearts, to follow intuition and to be mindful of coincidences and synchronicities. Other times the call is intense, when setbacks, physical pain, illness or unpleasant situations are repeated over and over again. The Adventure of the Soul points to the gift behind every call.

This Website is aimed at anyone who realizes the spirit of life as a journey or adventure, where gifts await every step of the way if one develops the vision to recognize them.