Transformation: The Power of the Methods

Excerpt from “The Art of Listening to Life” by Joseph Soler

The three methods we have covered up until now are: Sculpting the Symptom, The Seed Event and Healing in the Inner Temple. These have been conceived and designed for using in sequence while exploring a call from the soul through the physical body. These practices can be used for emotional, mental and physical symptoms.

Through the practice of –Sculpting the Symptom-, we give shape to the symptom and visualizing a dialogue with it can distinguish the messenger from the message. The messenger is the symptom itself, and that is where most of the attention goes in our initial response. The message is the call from the soul; it is behind or inside the injury or the symptom. The purpose of the call is to wake you and make you aware of a pending issue, which is pushing you towards your next level of evolution.

Through the practice of pinpointing and finding the –Seed Event-, we find the root of the issue or the original event that is linked to the repeating pattern in your life. It can lead to the actual cause of the symptom in your body.

Through the practice of –Healing in the Inner Temple-, we are able to heal that original experience, which results in freeing ourself from the repeating pattern, and the integration will have an effect right up to the present moment. It often has an effect on others in your life scenario as well.

These practices are very useful tools for accompanying you in your process of growth and transformation. They are each described the way that we use them in our courses, however, doing them with others and with guidance is much more effective.

The next example shows how all three of them can be used in sequence.

Tumor in the Breast, Disappears Without Surgery

This is how the three practices are applied in a weekend workshop. Marisa is a physiotherapist and she works fulltime in a hospital. She had signed up for one of our courses months in advance with the intention of adding to her professional knowledge. The course was on a Saturday and Sunday.

She had personally been diagnosed with a certain class fibroid five years earlier and the diagnosis also stated that there was a high probability that the fibroid would convert to a malignant tumor. The doctors were saying that it was important to keep monitoring it through mammograms every six months and that she was to report immediately should there be any change or any unfamiliar sensations.

During the week preceding the course, she noticed that her breast was swollen and that she was starting to feel a little pain. As she had been instructed to do if she noticed any changes, she went to the hospital on the Friday and underwent some tests. The doctor observed the ultrasound and confirmed that things were getting worse, meaning that the fibroid was growing. He said that they would continue with tests on the Monday, and they were most probably going to have to operate sooner than later.

The next day, Saturday, she came to the course. I was not aware of the situation yet and because she was still in shock over the news she preferred not to bring it up in front of everyone else. In our practice of ‘Sculpting the Symptom’, there is an opportunity to really share with the partner you are working with. It is a one on one exercise and it can get quite personal with the person you are working with. As she explored what this manifestation in her breast might be trying to tell her, she came up with an issue that she had with her father. At first this made her very sad, because the relationship with her father had not been the easiest and she thought it had been dealt with and fixed up. It turns out that the fibroid appeared a few months after her father passed away.

In the second practice that we use, that of finding the Seed Event, there appeared a scene where she was little more than one year old. It was a tender scene where she was on her back and her father was playing a little game with her feet.

On Sunday, in our last exercise called, «Healing in the Inner Temple», her grandfather appeared. He had always taken good care of her and he loved her very much. Her father was also present in the inner temple and she felt some strong emotions towards her father and she cried because she felt so much love between them. She had an overwhelming feeling of being whole and that everything had been good between them. Marisa had a very powerful weekend with us and she experienced a lot of emotion and had a lot of realizations.

The Monday after the course, she went back to the hospital for more tests. She waited over an hour, which was longer than usual for the results. When the specialist came in, he said they were going to have to do the test over again, because things were not matching up to the tests that had been done on the previous Friday. He said that there must have been a mix up with the files because the new image was showing like a breast that had undergone a surgical procedure. The second x-ray turned out identical to the first, which would make sense, given that it was the same breast being imaged. The x-ray technician was confused and thought that there must be a fold happening in the skin or something that was altering the image and he wanted to take a third x-ray. At that point he made extra sure that everything was well positioned for the shot and that there was no chance of a mistake. The x-ray results were inexplicable. The doctor was now looking at Marisa over his glasses, and it was apparent that he could not explain what was happening or what had happened; the tumor that they had been tracking for a couple of years was gone. Where there had been a fibroid/tumor on Friday, there appeared to be an elongated scar but there was no tumor.

It was not until a few months later in our next course, that we learned of this, as Marisa was now able to share what had happened publicly. She was very grateful and gave special thanks to her friend Martha, who had been her partner in the exercises.

Photo by Marcus Dupuis. Wave at Canary Islands. 2014

Integration and Transformation

The x-ray results from the example