Process of accompaniment

If we compare the adventure of the soul to a trip, where we come to a step or turn that we perceive as difficult to navigate, it is usually because we don’t have the information necessary to make the decision required to move forward. That kind of call will usually be pointing toward some kind of growth or personal transformation. This is the gift we are looking for. The soul is pushing you to grow in a specific area of your life, it is pointing at something that needs to be brought up to date.
Sometimes the adventurer needs to be accompanied by a guide that knows the territory. Although the guide knows the lay of the land, it is the adventurer who needs to complete the journey. Once that step in the journey is completed the guide is no longer needed.
The person who undertakes the journey will be a changed person at the end of that journey. When you return, it is with new knowledge, new realizations and new learning; something will be different. At the end of the day, dealing with the call will be something that greatly benefits you and it will be something you can share with your loved ones and with your community at large.
The process of accompaniment in The Art of Listening to Life is done through a series of sessions, which combine a series of techniques for becoming more aware along with experiences of realization. These are based on working towards making sense of life’s purpose and clarifying personal vision and mission and working with intuition, impulses, understanding feelings and emotions and then on to connecting with one’s personal abilities and talents. It is also possible to continue with deeper processes that we use in Medicine of the Soul in further consultations and sessions.

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