In one of our workshops on the seed event in Monterrey, Mayda, one of the participants, volunteered to go through the process. Her symptom was an acute lower stomach pain, some kind of gastritis, which struck her so hard all she could do is lay in bed.

Her journey was one of the most illuminating experiences that I have ever had the honor of witnessing. During the seed event process she collected several gifts, which filled the room with a contagion of love, many emotions were felt and a general happiness ended up affecting everyone in the room. After doing the work her stomach pain had completely disappeared.

The day after her integration, Mayda went to visit her father. He had shown up in the seed event journey several times. Mayda said that it had not been the easiest childhood with him and one of the reoccurring memories was that he often said to her, «You need to be strong.» Those words had surfaced many times during the seed event experience and were an important part of the healing process.

In the moment of seeing her father, Mayda comments:

I gave him a hug with all my soul…»

My mother was standing there and she said: «Dear me, your face is glowing with light!”

            The day after this visit Mayda had to check herself into the hospital and she ended up staying there for three days. Although people can often experience major sensations at the apex of the healing process, it does not usually involve checking into a hospital, and for those who knew Mayda, it was unusual for her to go anywhere near a hospital. She had always been an intense person who lives life with great intensity, so it would take a great deal to get her to a hospital.

She commented later that she had been doing a lot of personal work from the inside out. Now the gastritis and lower stomach pains had moved into ulcers a little further up in her stomach and now she was vomiting as well. She was seeing it as a healing of the gastric condition and that things were moving. It has been a few years now since the integration work, and she has not had any intestinal complications; it all went away.

Although we don’t always know what is going to happen next, it is important to keep in mind that the body knows what it is doing and have faith in the processes of integration, resolution and healing. For some people it is the first time they let their body express what needs to be expressed freely, without trying to control the symptoms. If a symptom reaches a very high intensity, it is important to seek help from conventional channels, even Mayda checked into a hospital, however, it is imperative to be aware that the body knows what it is doing. It will go through processes in order to achieve healing. The wisdom of the body is always seeking equilibrium. Our natural state is one of health and balance. The body has everything it needs to heal itself. In the end, putting all our faith in external help to heal us is a form of denial. It is the refusal to accept personal responsibility for what is going on.