In 20 years of dedication to Medicine of the Soul, I have witnessed many things that would seem impossible. I have seen extraordinary coincidences in people’s lives and I have seen sudden healings happen in people’s bodies, and this Webside is a testimony of that. Depending on how you chose to frame it, these physical healings can be called spontaneous healings or miracles. Some people sometimes just call it a faulty diagnosis, especially in the more serious cases. In Medicine of the Soul, we see it as a reflection of a person’s inner state and an opportunity for personal growth and transformation.

Once you have gone through this kind of personal transformation in order to overcome a physical condition or disease, it is not likely that you will go back to the exact same life. Perhaps thinking that everything will go back to the way it was is a good definition of a fantasy: everything will go back to “normal”. The condition or illness is a clear communication that change is necessary.

People often ask me to rid them of their pain or to heal them. I always reply that that is not what I do, and I ask that person if they are ready and willing to go through some personal growth. If that person is willing to go through a personal transformation, then we have a journey ahead of us. The physical symptom is the indicator that change is necessary, and entering the process with that understanding is key for forward motion.

The different methods that I present in this book have the purpose of helping you in your journey through a process of self-discovery. We looked at the 10 ways to self-alignment through adjusting the rudder of your life in order to make it a smoother ride. I have given you a series of questions to ask yourself when either a gentle call or an intense call presents itself. Accepting that we are direct participants in the creation of our life scenario is also very important. This all helps in finding the gift in the situations that present themselves as injuries, setbacks or illness in our lives.

A grave disease is a loud call from the soul. A slight adjustment in the rudder of your life ship is no longer the answer. When the call reaches this kind of intensity it is more like life is shouting at you and calling for a complete change in direction. The gift in this kind of situation is the personal growth and evolution that it brings with it. If this is something that you are facing at this very moment, you have been given several techniques for getting to the bottom of your circumstance. You now have a way and the opportunity of integrating it to your present. I hope that all the real life experiences I am presenting can help in understanding the process of discovery that is necessary to get through all the small challenges that life throws at us. I say small challenges because the fact is that almost everything that Life throws at us are physical inconveniences that we are completely equipped to overcome. The soul is always fine.